About the PM Subcontracts Form

Use this form to create and maintain project subcontracts.

For an overview of the subcontract buyout process, see About Subcontract Buyout.

Each subcontract you set up defines the scope of work and/or materials that are being provided by a specific subcontractor (vendor). This is done by adding items to the subcontract. You can add subcontract items in one of three ways:
  • You can manually add items using the Non-Interfaced Items tab
  • You can add items using the PM Subcontract Detail form
  • You can add subcontract items as items on a subcontract change order in PM Subcontact Change Orders

All subcontract items, regardless of how they are added, appear on the Non-Interfaced tab. You can modify these items as needed, as long as you have not yet interfaced them. Once you interface them, they are moved to the Interfaced tab and cannot be edited. If you have entered notes for a subcontract item, you can edit them as needed, even after the item is interfaced. However, once you close the subcontract, you can no longer edit any information, including notes.

SL Status

The SL Status field displays the status of the subcontract (i.e., 0-Open, 1-Complete, 2-Closed, or 3-Pending). All subcontracts created using this form or the PM Subcontract Detail form are automatically assigned a status of ‘3-Pending’ and will retain this status until the subcontract is interfaced. Once interfaced, the status is updated to ‘0-Open’ and no further changes to interfaced data (header or item) can be made here; however, you do have the ability to add new items to an interfaced subcontract.

Note: You can restrict the recordset to exclude subcontracts that have been fully interfaced (i.e. the header and all items have been interfaced). This is done by selecting the Show Only SL’s with Non-interfaced Detail option in the Options menu. When selected, only subcontracts that have not been interfaced or that have been partially interfaced will display. If not selected, all subcontracts will display regardless of whether they have been interfaced.


The Inclusions/Exclusions tab allows you to record any inclusions or exclusions associated with a subcontract. If you want them included on the PM Subcontracts report (Reports > PM Subcontracts), select the Print Inclusions/Exclusions check box.

If you have the Pre-Construction module, inclusions or exclusions on subcontract detail that was created from the PC module will also display on this tab once that subcontract detail is associated with a subcontract. For information about creating subcontract detail from the PC module, see Create PM Subcontract Detail.

Note: You can also view inclusions and exclusions entered on this tab using the Inclusions/ Exclusions tab on the SL Subcontract Entry form once you interface the subcontract using PM Interface.

Distribution Audit

Use the Distribution Audit () feature to view:

  • All of the documents generated using the Create and Send feature - for example change orders, RFIs, drawing logs, project issues, etc.
  • Any communications sent using the Create and Send feature - for example if you resend a document to a project contact.

    For more information, see PM Document Distribution Audit Form.