Create a Subcontract in PM Subcontracts

You can manually create subcontracts for a project by going to Project Management > Programs > PM Subcontracts.

  1. In the Project field, enter the project to work with or press F4 to select from a list of valid projects.
  2. In the Subcontract field, enter + to have the system auto-generate the next available number or manually enter a subcontract number that has not already been used.
  3. In the Description field, enter the description of the subcontract.
  4. In the Document Type field, enter the document type or press F4 to select from a list of valid document types.
    Note: The document type entered here must have a Document Category of Subcontract.
  5. In the Vendor field, enter the vendor for this subcontract or press F4 to select from a list of valid vendors.
  6. In the Pay Terms field, enter the pay terms that apply to this subcontract or accept the defaulted terms (defined for the vendor in AP Vendors).
  7. If tracking compliance for this subcontract, use the Comp Group field to enter the applicable compliance group.

    The system uses this compliance group to initialize compliance codes for the subcontract in SL.

  8. In the Start Date field, enter the start date for this subcontract.
    This is typically the date of the subcontract or the date the work specified on the subcontract is expected to begin.
  9. If this subcontract has already been approved, select the Approved check box.
  10. If this subcontract has a retention limit, use the Set WC Maximum Retention section to define the limit parameters. For more information, see Set Maximum Retention for a Subcontract.