About Deactivating an Agreement

If you need to make changes to an activated agreement, you can do so using the Deactivate feature in SM Agreements.

When you activate an agreement (in the SM Agreement Activation / Deactivation form), the system disables entry so that you can no longer modify the agreement information. Deactivating an agreement re-enables entry to allow making changes to the agreement. However, you should only use this method for changes that do not affect the original terms agreed upon by the customer, such as simple setup errors.

Note: If you need to make changes that affect the original terms of the agreement or you have generated work orders or billings for the agreement, create an amendment to allow proper tracking of all revisions to the agreement. See Amending an Agreement for more information.

Once you initiate the deactivation process (by clicking Deactivate in SM Agreements), the SM Agreement Activation / Deactivation form displays and shows the agreement, revision, agreement type, customer, and agreement term (effective and expiration dates). This information cannot be edited. To complete deactivation, click Deactivate. This sets the agreement back to a "quote" and changes the status to "inactive". In addition, the system deletes any service dates generated for the agreement from agreement service work and task schedules. You can then edit the agreement as needed.

Once you have completed edits, reactivate the agreement. This sets the agreement to back to Active and regenerates service dates as applicable.