About Changing Agreements / Services After Activation

Once you activate an agreement, the system allows limited edits without creating an amendment.

If you need to make changes to an agreement or any of its service after you activate the agreement, you can do so without creating an amendment; however, you are limited to the changes you can make. Some of the allowed changes include (but are not limited to) budget information, labor allocations, billing schedules, and the required resources defined for agreement services (materials, equipment, labor, and miscellaneous).

If you have changes to an agreement that do not affect the original terms or pricing, but are not allowed while the agreement is activated (such as the assigned service site, call type, and service work schedule), you can deactivate the agreement by clicking the Deactivate button. See SM Agreement Activation / Deactivation Form for more information.

For changes that affect the original terms or pricing of the agreement or agreement services, create an amendment to allow proper tracking of all revisions to the agreement. See Amend an Agreement for more information.