Edit a Deferral Schedule

You can modify the SM Agreement Deferral Service schedule on an active or expired agreement without creating an amendment.

When modifying an deferral schedules for agreements, you must make sure that the total amount of all deferral sequences equal the total amount of the agreement.

The following steps detail how to edit an deferral schedule using the SM Deferral Schedule Mod form in SM Agreements.

  1. Launch the SM Agreements form.
  2. Select the agreement for the deferral schedule you want to alter.
  3. Select the Work Schedule tab.
  4. Double-click the schedule you want to apply the deferral to.
    The SM Service form appears.
  5. Click on the Deferral tab.
  6. Highlight the deferral you want to modify, and click Modify Deferral Schedule.
    The SM Deferral Schedule Mod form appears.
  7. In the Date field, adjust the deferral schedule date.
  8. In the Amount field, adjust the amount for the deferral schedule.
  9. In the Notes field, enter any notes that apply to the deferral.
  10. Save the record.