Edit the Amortization Schedule for an Active Agreement

You can modify the amortization schedule for an active agreement without creating an amendment.

The following steps detail how to edit an amortization schedule for an active agreement using the SM Amortization Schedule Mod form (accessed via SM Agreements).
  1. Open the SM Agreements form.
  2. In the Agreement field, enter the agreement to work with or press F4 to select from a list of agreements.
  3. Click on the Amortization Schedule tab.
  4. Click Modify Amortization Schedule.
    The SM Amortization Schedule Mod form appears.
  5. If modifying the existing dates for the schedule, use the Date field to enter the new schedule dates for the applicable entries.
  6. If modifying the schedule amounts, use the Amount field to enter the new amounts for each applicable entry.
    Note: When updating amounts, make sure the Total Remaining field (above the grid) equals 0.00. If it does not, you must either readjust the existing amounts until the Total Remaining is 0.00 or add a new sequence for the remaining amount.
  7. If you need to add a new sequence, enter + in the Seq field. Then use the Date and Amount fields to enter a date and amount for the sequence.
  8. Once you have completed updating the schedule, click Apply.
    The screen displays a message asking if you want to replace the current deferral schedule with the new schedule.
  9. Select Yes to save the updated schedule.
    Note: If you select No, you are returned to the schedule. You can either update the schedule further or cancel out of the form.