Service Schedules

The Service Schedule tab in SM Agreements displays a list of all scheduled services for an agreement upon activation of the agreement.

This display-only tab shows services scheduled using the Tasking feature, as well as those manually scheduled using the Schedule tab in SM Service.

For each service, the information shown includes the agreement version, the service center assigned to do the work, the service and due dates, and the service site receiving the service work. For services scheduled using the Tasking feature, service dates will always be the first of the scheduled month, since no dates or days are selected during scheduling. For services scheduled manually using the Schedule tab in SM Service, service dates are determined by the Day or Date selected during scheduling.

Once you begin generating work orders for scheduled services, the system updates the scheduled service with the associated work order, scope, and work order status. Services with matching scheduling criteria will have the same service dates and will be grouped together on the same work order.

For more information about service work schedules and task scheduling, see Setting up Service Work Schedules and Setting up an Agreement Task Schedule.