Set up an Agreement Budget

You will use the Budget tab in SM Agreements to set up agreement budgets by call type and cost type category.

You can set up multiple cost type categories for a call type and multiple call types for a cost type category; however, you can only have one occurrence of a call type/cost type category combination per budget.

Budget amounts defined for an agreement are summed and displayed as the Budget Total on the Info tab of SM Agreements. The system uses the budget total in conjunction with the total agreement amount (agreement price + estimated service revenue) to determine the estimated profit margin and estimated markup percent.

Note: Budgets set up for agreement services (in SM Service) will be summed and displayed by call type / call type category in the Service Budget column. However, these amounts are not included in the Budget Total (shown on the Info tab in SM Agreements).

To set up an agreement budget:

  1. Launch SM Agreements.
  2. In the Agreement field, select the agreement, amendment, or renewal quote for which to set up a budget.
  3. Click the Budget tab.
  4. In the Call Type field, enter the call type or press F4 to select from a list of valid call types.
  5. In the Cost Type Category field, select the cost type category from the drop-down menu .
  6. In the Budget Amount field, enter the budget amount for the call type/cost type category.
  7. Save the record.
  8. Repeat Steps 3-7 to set up additional call type/cost type category budget amounts.