Create Renewals for Multiple Agreements

You can create renewals for multiple agreements at one time using the SM Agreement Renewal form.

Using selected criteria, you can filter the list of agreements that are due to expire, select those you want to renew and then generate renewals for then at one time.

Note: When filtering agreements for renewal, the grid will show only expiring agreements that do not already have a renewal quote set up. Additionally, when creating renewals, the system will exclude any agreement for which an amendment quote exists.

The following steps will guide you through filtering, selecting, and creating agreement renewal quotes.

  1. From the Vista main menu, select Service Management > Programs > SM Agreement Renewal.
    The SM Agreement Renewal form displays.
  2. In the Grid Shown field, select Expiring.
  3. In the Type field, enter the agreement type to filter by or press F4 to select from a list of valid agreement types. Leave blank if not filtering by agreement types.
  4. In the Customer field, enter the customer to filter by or press F4 to select from a ist of valid SM customers. Leave blank if not filtering by customer.
  5. Select the Only Show Agreements with Auto Renew check box to show only those agreements with a Renew Through date in SM Agreements. Leave unselected to show agreements with or without a Renew Through date.
  6. In the Expiring Within ___ Days field, enter the number of days before expiration by which to filter agreements. Leave this field blank to show all expiring agreements, regardless of their expiration date.
  7. Click Refresh.
    The grid populates with all expiring agreements meeting the selected criteria.
  8. In the grid, select the agreements to renew. You can do this using one of the following methods:
    • Select the Included check box in the grid for individual agreements

    • Randomly select agreements in the grid (using the Ctrl key) and then click the Included Selected button

    • Click the Include All button to select all agreements

  9. Click Create Renewals.

The system creates the renewal(s) and removes the agreements from the grid. You can then access the renewal for editing and activation.

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