Activate Renewals for Multiple Agreements

You can activate renewals for multiple agreements at one time using the SM Agreement Renewal form.

Before you can activate agreement renewals, you must have already created and edited the renewal quotes.

Using selected criteria, you can filter the list of agreements awaiting activation, select those you want to activate and then activate them at one time.

The following steps will guide you through filtering, selecting, and activating agreement renewal quotes.

  1. Open the SM Agreement Renewal form.
  2. In the Grid Shown field, select Renewals.
  3. Use the Type, Customer, and/or Only Show Agreements with Auto Renew fields to filter the renewals shown in the grid. As you tab to each field, the grid refreshes based on the values entered.

    For more information about each field, refer to the F1 help.

  4. Click Refresh.
    The grid populates with all agreement renewals meeting the selected criteria.
  5. In the grid, select the agreements to activate. You can do this using one of the following methods:
    • Select the Included check box in the grid for individual agreements

    • Select agreements in the grid using the Shift or Ctrl keys and then click the Include Selected button

    • Click the Include All button to select all agreements

  6. Click Activate Included.
    The SM Agreement Activation screen displays.
  7. Select the Delete existing new work orders on termination check box to have the system delete all new work orders for the selected agreements.

    Leave the check box unselected to have the system retain all new work orders for the selected agreements.

  8. Click Activate.
    The system cycles through the list and activates the selected agreements, and then displays a message indicating the number of successfully activated agreements. If there were any agreements that could not be activated, it will list the agreements, along with an explanation as to why they could not be activated.
  9. Click Close.

    If you had agreements that could not be activated, you can edit the agreements as indicated and then retry activating them.

Once agreements are successfully activated, they are removed from the grid. You can then access them via SM Agreements.