Edit Other Information for Agreements and Services

When renewing agreements, you can edit the information for the agreement and its agreement services using the SM Agreements form.

  1. Open the SM Agreement Renewal form.
  2. In the Grid Shown field, select Renewals.
  3. Use the Type, Customer, and/or Only Show Agreements with Auto Renew fields to filter the renewals shown in the grid. As you tab to each field, the grid refreshes based on the values entered.

    For more information about each field, refer to the F1 help.

  4. Click Refresh.
    The grid refreshes to show all agreement renewals meeting the selected criteria.
  5. Select an agreement to edit in the first grid.
  6. Click Edit Agreement.
    The SM Agreements form displays.
  7. Edit the agreement as needed. This includes budgets, agreement services, billing and amortization schedules, and task scheduling.
  8. Save the agreement and close the SM Agreements form to return to the SM Agreement Renewal form.
  9. Repeat the process for each agreement you want to edit.

Activate the selected agreements. For more information, see Activate Renewals for Multiple Agreements.