SM Agreement Adjustment Form

Use the SM Agreement Adjustment form to create adjustment billings for active or terminated agreements.

Access this form by clicking the Create Adjustment Billing button in SM Agreements.

You can use Adjustments to amend the amount billed to a customer. Some examples might be:

  • Crediting a customer for a prepaid service that did not occur (on either an active agreement or a terminated one).

  • Billing for work done on a service call that was not covered by the agreement.

  • Billing a customer for work completed against a terminated agreement that has not been paid for.

  • Crediting the customer for an overpayment on an agreement that has been amended.

Adjustment billings display on the Invoices tab in SM Agreements and are identified by an Invoice Type of Adjustment. However, when viewed in SM Invoices or the Invoices tab of SM Customers or SM Service Sites, the type will show as Agreement.

Creating an Adjustment Billing