SM Agreement Billing Schedule Form

Use the SM Agreement Billing Schedule form to manually set up billing schedules for agreements.

Access this form by double-clicking in the Billing Schedule grid of SM Agreements.

Note: You can also set up billing schedules directly in the Billing Schedule grid in SM Agreements.

You can set up a single billing sequence for the entire agreement amount or set up multiple billing sequences with equal or varying amounts. For example, if you bill once a year, you will only need to set up one billing sequence for each year of the agreement. If you bill on a quarterly basis, you will need to set up sequences for each quarter for the life of the agreement.

The system uses billing schedules during the periodic billing process (in SM Agreement Billings Due) to determine which agreements are due for billing, as well as the amount to bill.

Note: Billing schedules for periodic services on a work schedule that are flagged for separate billing are set up in SM Work Schedule Billings. See SM Work Schedule Billings for more information.

Modifying the Remaining Amount to Bill

You can modify the remaining amount to bill for an agreement without affecting the agreement price. For example, you might set up an agreement for $5000, but want to provide a $300 discount the first year. Using the Billing Schedule tab in SM Agreements, you can adjust the amount remaining to bill as needed and then update the billing schedule to accommodate the change. When you renew the agreement, the system sets the total remaining to bill equal to the agreement price and adjusts the billing schedule accordingly.

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