SM Agreement Cancellation Form

Use the SM Agreement Cancellation Form to cancel, reopen, and/or delete agreement quotes (that is, agreements, amendments, and renewals that have not been activated).

Access this form from SM Agreements by clicking the Cancel Quote, Delete Quote, or Reopen Quote buttons (bottom of form).

When you cancel a quote, the system sets the revision status to Cancelled Quote, displays the cancellation status and date to the right of the Expiration Date field, and disables the Activate button. However, the system does retain all information set up for the quote (e.g. pricing, work schedules, billing schedules, task lists, etc.), allowing you to reopen the quote later should you decide to activate it.

When you delete a quote, the system removes the quote completely. You can no longer access it from the Revision drop-down, nor can you undo the deletion. Therefore, it is imperative that you only use this function if you are sure you want to delete the quote.

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