SM Agreement Notes Form

Use the SM Agreement Notes form to enter notes for an agreement.

Access this form by double-clicking the grid of the Agreement Notes tab.

You can add notes for an agreement in this form or using the Agreement Notes tab in SM Agreements. If entering notes in the Agreement Notes grid, double-clicking in the Notes field brings up the Grid Notes window so you can enter extensive notes for the agreement as needed.

Notes entered for an agreement apply to the agreement as a whole, so they are visible and editable from any revision of the agreement.

You can also track other information specific to an agreement by adding user-defined fields to this form. The values entered in user-defined fields remain constant through all revisions of the agreement. For example, if you change the value in a user-defined field for an amendment or renewal, the new value applies to all revisions, not just the amendment or renewal.


You can add attachments for agreement notes in this form or the Agreement Notes tab. Agreement note attachments are accessible and editable from all revisions of the agreement.