SM Agreement Renewal Form

Use the SM Agreement Renewal form to create, edit, and activate renewals for multiple agreements.

Using selected criteria, you filter the agreements you want to renew. If you selected the Auto Renew check box selected for an agreement's type, you can select to show only those agreements. Once you have filtered agreements, you can then create renewals, edit pricing and renewal information, and then activate the renewals, all from within this form.

Note: You can use the SM Agreements form to create, edit, and activate renewals on an individual basis.

Renewal Requirements

When using this form to create agreement renewals, the following applies:
  • The agreement cannot have an existing renewal quote. If one exists, the agreement will not display in this form.
  • The agreement cannot have a pending amendment. If one exists, it displays in the grid, but you must either delete or activate the amendment (using the Edit Agreement button) before you can create renewal quote.

Updates to Pricing and Billing/Amortization Schedules

When you create renewals, the system copies the pricing, billing schedules, and amortization schedules to the renewal quote, adjusting schedule dates based on the new term. If the agreement is flagged for auto renewal and you specified a renewal markup percent in SM Agreements, the system automatically applies the markup percent to the agreement and its time-of-service and periodic services, and recalculates the new prices. You can change the pricing for renewals globally using a specified markup percent or change them individually in the grid. Regardless of how you update pricing, the system automatically adjusts the billing and amortization schedules for agreements and services accordingly.
Note: If you are using the agreement budgets feature, pricing changes automatically update the agreement's estimated profit margin and markup percent accordingly.

Multiple Renewal Activation

The system handles activation of multiple renewals in the same manner as when activating individual agreements via SM Agreements. The activation process checks for missing or incorrect information, such as overlapping term dates, missing task schedules, and so forth. If any missing or incorrect information is found, those agreements are skipped and will be listed after the process is complete, along with information about what is missing or incorrect. Agreements that were not activated will remain in the grid so that you can access them to make the necessary changes. All agreements that were successfully activated will be cleared from the grid.