SM Agreement Site Coverage Dtl Form

Use the SM Agreement Site Coverage Dtl form to set up spot work coverage for service sites on an agreement. Access this form by double-clicking a service site record on the Spot Coverage tab in SM Agreements.

Agreements are generally set up to cover planned maintenance for one or more service sites. However, there may be times when unscheduled work occurs outside the planned maintenance. You can cover unscheduled work on an agreement by setting up spot coverage for each applicable service site using the Spot Coverage tab in SM Agreements. Once you add the service sites you want covered on the Spot Coverage tab, you can then enter the coverage details in this form (accessed by double-clicking on a service site in the Spot Coverage grid).

You can set up spot coverage for any service site associated with the customer, even if the service site is already set up for scheduled maintenance. Additionally, you can set up different levels of coverage for each service site. For example, you might cover only labor costs for one service site, but cover labor, materials, and miscellaneous costs for another service site. You can also restrict coverage by call type so that only work order scopes referencing that call type will be covered by the agreement (as defined) for that service site.

Once you set up spot coverage on an agreement for applicable service sites, you can then enter work orders for covered service sites (in SM Work Orders) and the system will automatically default the appropriate agreement on each work order scope. Work completed lines that are covered by an agreement are flagged as Non-Billable and no billable amounts are calculated.

Note: Spot coverage does not apply to work order scopes generated from an agreement via SM Generate PM Work Orders. Coverage is only applicable for manually entered work order scopes where the service site is included in spot coverage for the specified agreement.Tasks

For information about setting up spot coverage, click the following link.

Define Spot Work Coverage on an Agreement