SM Agreement Types Form

Use the SM Agreement Types form to set up agreement types for categorizing service agreements.

You can set up as many types as needed to categorize the different service agreements you negotiate with your customers; however, you must set up at least one agreement type. Some examples of agreement types might be:

  • Annual Maint

  • Full Coverage

  • Standard PM

  • Full Maint Labr

  • Full Maint Matl

Once set up here, you must assign an agreement type to each agreement in SM Agreements. You cannot activate an agreement unless it is assigned an agreement type.

Note: In addition to identifying the types of agreements you use, you can also use agreement types for reporting purposes, as well as for filtering services due for work order generation and agreements due for billing.

Auto Renew

Use this checkbox to indicate whether agreements assigned to the selected agreement type will be available for auto-renewal. When you assign an agreement type with this checkbox selected to an agreement, the system enables additional fields in SM Agreements for specifying a 'renew through' date and markup percentage. Entering values in these fields allows the system to forecast labor allocations for the agreement prior to its renewal.
Note: The auto-renewal functionality is not currently available for agreements, but will be available in a future release.

Deleting Agreement Types

You can delete an agreement type, as long as it is not assigned to one or more agreements (regardless of the status). If you are unable to delete an agreement type, but do not want it used, you can deactivate it so that it can no longer be assigned to agreements.

Agreement Coverage

The Coverage tab allows you associate call types with agreement types based on the expected coverage needs for agreements. Call types identify the types of work you perform, so you will typically assign call types related to the agreement type and then indicate whether the call types are planned or unplanned. For example, you might have an agreement type of Annual Maint to which you assign call types for maintenance work, repair work, and emergency work. Since maintenance work is planned, you would flag that call type as planned. And since you may not typically plan for repair work or emergency work, you would flag those call types as unplanned.

Click on the link below for information about setting up agreement types.

Set up Agreement Types