SM Agreements Form

Use the SM Agreements form to set up agreements with customers for services you perform.

For each agreement, you will specify the agreement type, customer, effective and expiration dates, rate template, and pricing, as well as the services that will be included in the agreement and the agreement billing schedule. The services you define for an agreement can be included in the agreement price or can be priced and billed separate from the agreement.

Posted Detail

The Posted Detail tab displays posted revenue details for agreements revenue posted via SM Agreement Amortize Revenue or SM Invoices. For each posted agreement line, the grid shows a debit or credit entry. Posted revenue details include service, source company, post month, batch ID, source (SM Agreement Amortize Revenue or SM Invoices), transaction type, GL company, GL account, and the debit or credit amount.

Notes / Attachments

You can enter notes for an agreement at one of three levels:
  • Agreement - Notes for an agreement are added using the Agreement Notes tab or the SM Agreement Notes form. These notes apply to the agreement as a whole, so can be added, modified, and viewed from any revision of the agreement.

  • Revision - Notes for an agreement revision are added using the Revision Notes tab. These notes apply to the selected revision and are not visible from any other revision of the agreement. However, if notes exist for an active revision and you create an amendment, the notes are copied to the new (amendment) revision. Any further updates to notes for either revision are specific to that revision.

  • Term - Notes for an agreement term are added using the Term Notes tab or SM Agreement Term form. These notes are specific to each term, so can only be added or modified when focus is on the term record in SM Agreement Term or the Term Notes tab. However, you can view and access the notes for any term via the Term Notes tab or SM Agreement Term form without having to select the revision/term in SM Agreements.

You can also add attachments at the agreement, revision, and term levels. For agreement notes, you can add attachments via the SM Agreement Notes form or Agreement Notes tabs. These attachments are accessible and editable from all revisions of the agreement.

You can add attachments for a revision via the Revision Notes tab, the agreement header, or the Info tab. Revision-level attachments are specific to a revision and are therefore only accessible for that revision. Attachments for an active revision are not copied when creating amendments or renewals.

For term notes, you can add attachments via the SM Agreement Term form or the Term Notes tab in SM Agreements. These attachments are specific to an agreement term and are accessible only for revisions associated with that term. If you renew an agreement or change the terms of an agreement through an amendment, attachments for the active term are not copied to the new term.

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