SM Billing Schedule Mod Form (Services)

Use this form to modify the billing schedule for periodic services on an active agreement (that are billed separately) without creating an amendment.

Access this form by clicking the Billing Schedule tab in SM Service and then clicking Modify Billing Schedule.

The system allows you to change any of the values for an existing billing sequence, as long as the line has not been billed. Billing sequences that have been invoiced will display on the Billing Schedule tab of SM Service; however, they will not display in this form.

When you modify a billing schedule, the system allows you to change or delete an existing sequence, or add new billing sequences. However, regardless of how you modify the billing schedule, the Total Remaining amount must equal 0.00. This means that if you change the billing amount for an existing sequence, delete a sequence, or add a new sequence, you must adjust the billing amount for all other sequences accordingly.

Click the link below for more information about modifying billing schedules.

Modify a Service Billing Schedule