SM Class Maintenance Form

Use the SM Class Maintenance form to set up common maintenance tasks for serviceable item classes.

Access this form by clicking the Maintenance tab in SM Serviceable Item Class and then double-clicking in the grid.

Maintenance tasks are set up by service item class, with the option to further define them by classification type. For example, you may have maintenance tasks that you perform each quarter for all HVAC systems (such as replacing filters). These tasks you would set up by class. For additional maintenance tasks that are specific to different types of HVAC systems, you would set them up by class/classification type.

For each maintenance task you set up, you define the frequency at which the task should be performed, along with task, equipment, labor, and material requirements.

When setting up agreements, the system uses the maintenance tasks defined here to automatically create services based on the class / classification type of serviceable items you select for coverage by the agreement.

Note: If you selected the Class Maintenance Sync check box in SM Company Parameters (Agreement Sync Options section), adding, deleting, or changing the tasks, material, labor, and/or equipment requirements for a class or class/type automatically updates related requirement entries for agreement services created from the class maintenance using the Tasking feature for agreements. For more information about the syncing options and tasking feature, see Agreement Sync Options and Set Up Equipment Tasking.

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