SM Maintenance Item Selection Form

Use the SM Maintenance Item Selection form to select serviceable items and the maintenance to include in the agreement.

Access this form by clicking Select Serviceable Items in the SM Agreement Maintenance form.

You will only use this form if you are using the Tasking feature in SM Agreements to auto-add agreement services based on class maintenance associated with serviceable items. The system will automatically populate the grid with all serviceable items that have been set up for the service site (in SM Serviceable Items). You can then select which maintenance tasks you want included on the agreement. However, the serviceable item maintenance must have a minimum of one recommended task or required resource (material, equipment, labor, or miscellaneous) defined; otherwise, you will be unable to add the maintenance to the agreement using this method.

Note: Maintenance tasks are used to auto-generate agreement services in SM Agreement Maintenance. However, you can manually enter agreement services for any serviceable item that is not associated with a maintenance task in SM Service.Tasks

Click the following link for more information about using this form.

Add Serviceable Items/Tasks to an Active Agreement