Field Definitions: SM Maintenance Item Selection Form

The following is a list of field descriptions for the SM Maintenance Item Selection form. Many of the descriptions include links to other topics that provide additional information about or related to the topic.


Select this check box to include the serviceable item on the agreement. When selected, maintenance tasks defined (in SM Class Maintenance) for the serviceable item class will display in the SM Agreement Maintenance Tasks grid and be available for inclusion on the agreement.

Note: Maintenance tasks associated with the service able item that are flagged as Recommended in SM Class Maintenance will default as selected in SM Agreement Maintenance. Deselecting a maintenance task will result in this check box appearing as filled in (neither selected or unselected) to indicate that one or more recommended tasks have not been added to the agreement for the serviceable item.

Do not select this check box if the serviceable item should not be included on the agreement.

Item Group

The Item Group column on the SM Maintenance Item Selection form.

Entries in this field allow you to distribute the same maintenance for different groups of serviceable items, which will create separate services for each group, allowing them to be scheduled across different months.

Create an item group (name or number) in this field to distinguish it from other item groups. As a result, Item Group column entries appear in the following locations:

  • SM Agreement Maintenance

  • SM Agreement Task Schedule

  • The Work Orders tab (agreement services information section) of SM Agreements

  • SM Generate PM Work Orders

  • The Services tab of the Scope section of SM Work Orders

  • The Service Item page of the SM Work Order Tasking Report