SM Service Form

Use the SM Service form to set up the services that are included in a service agreement.

Access this form by double-clicking the Work Schedule grid in SM Agreements.

Note: You can also set up services directly in the Work Schedule grid of SM Agreements. However, you must access the SM Service form to define scheduling information for each service.

The services you set up here can represent any type of work you do for the service site, such as preventative maintenance, seasonal maintenance, upgrades, and so forth. Each service you set up specifies the service site to which it applies, applicable pricing, and how often the service is performed. You can also set up tasks and required resources (material, equipment, labor, and miscellaneous).

If you elect to use the revenue recognition feature for an agreement (that is, you selected the Amortize option in the Revenue Recognition drop-down in SM Agreements), you must set up an amortization schedule on the Deferral tab for each period agreement service that you flag for separate billing.

Note: If you modify the amount remaining to bill for a periodic agreement service and you have already set up a deferral schedule, you must update the deferral schedule accordingly.
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