About Tasking / Task Scheduling

Using the Equipment Tasking feature in SM Agreements, you can automatically set up agreement services based on maintenance items associated with the serviceable items defined for your service sites.

You might typically use this feature if you have service maintenance tasks that are common to classes of equipment and that you perform on a regular basis (e.g. yearly, monthly, quarterly, etc.).

Maintenance tasks are set up by class in SM Class Maintenance, along with required tasks and required resources (labor, materials, and equipment). You can then select tasks for an agreement (via the Tasking button in SM Agreements) and the system will use them to auto-generate agreement services.

For instances where you would like to distribute the same maintenance for difference groups of serviceable items—in order to schedule them across different months—enter an item group in the Item Group column on the SM Maintenance Item Selection form.

Once the system generates agreement services from your selected maintenance, you will need to schedule them using SM Agreement Task Schedule (accessed by clicking the Task Scheduling button in SM Agreements). This will then generate service dates when you activate the agreement.

For more detailed information about setting up and using the Equipment Tasking feature, see Set Up Equipment Tasking.