About Grouping Class Maintenance Tasks

If you have a large number of maintenance tasks listed in the Tasks grid of SM Agreement Maintenance, you can use the Grouping Bar to group information together in a more meaningful way.

Just right-click your mouse in the grid and select the Grouping Bar option. You can then drag-and-drop column headings into the Grouping Bar in the order you want your records grouped, and the system will automatically group your tasks together based on your selections. For more information about how to use the Grouping Bar, see Group Grid Records Together.

There is one difference in how the Grouping Bar works in this form than it does elsewhere in the system; when you close the form, the system retains your settings, even if you turn off the Grouping Bar. The next time you open the form, the Grouping Bar is enabled and your tasks will be grouped as defined.

To turn off the Grouping Bar and clear your settings, you must drag-and-drop the column headings back to their positions in the grid and then close the form without manually turning off the Grouping Bar. The system will do that automatically once it clears your settings.