Add Maintenance Tasks to an Active Agreement

You can add class maintenance tasks to services on an active agreement that you want included on preventative maintenance work orders.

You must generate services for the agreement from class maintenance using the Equipment Tasking feature in SM Agreements. For more information, see Set Up Equipment Tasking.
When you add maintenance tasks to an agreement, you can select from a list of tasks already associated with the agreement.
Note: For instructions on adding maintenance tasks by adding new serviceable items, see Add Serviceable Items/Tasks to an Active Agreement.
  1. Open the SM Agreements form.
  2. In the Agreement field, enter the active agreement to work with or press F4 to select from a list of agreements.
  3. Click Tasking. The SM Agreement Maintenance form displays.
  4. From the Tasks tab, select the Include check box for each maintenance task / service item you want to add to the agreement.
  5. Close the form.
The system adds the maintenance tasks to the associated agreement services (in SM Service, Tasks tab), along with their related requirements (labor, equipment, material, and miscellaneous).

Schedule the maintenance task. For more information, see Set up an Agreement Task Schedule.