Add Serviceable Items/Tasks to an Active Agreement

You can add serviceable items associated with class maintenance tasks to services on an active agreement that you want included on preventative maintenance work orders.

You must generate services for the agreement from class maintenance using the Equipment Tasking feature. For more information, see Set Up Equipment Tasking.

At least one class maintenance associated with the serviceable item must exist on the agreement. If a class maintenance does not exist on the agreement, you must create an amendment to add it to the agreement for the serviceable item.

  1. Open the SM Agreements form.
  2. In the Agreement field, enter the active agreement to work with or press F4 to select from a list of agreements.
  3. Click Tasking.
    The SM Agreement Maintenance form displays.
  4. Click Select Serviceable Items.
    The SM Maintenance Item Selection form displays.
  5. Select the Include check box for each serviceable item (not on the agreement) that you want to add.
  6. Click Apply.

    Post-requisites for this task:

If all class maintenances for the serviceable item exist on the agreement, the system automatically adds all tasks with the Recommended check box selected (in SM Class Maintenance) to the Tasks list of an existing agreement service with the same maintenances. For tasks that do not have the Recommended check box selected, you can add them by manually selecting them for the serviceable item in the Tasks list in SM Agreement Maintenance.

Schedule the maintenance task. For more information, see Set up an Agreement Task Schedule.