SM Amortization Schedule Mod Form

Use the SM Amortization Schedule Mod form to modify the amortization schedule on an active or expired agreement without creating an amendment.

If you have set up an amortization schedule for revenue recognition on an agreement and have already activated the agreement, you can modify the schedule by selecting the Amortization tab and then clicking Modify Amortization Schedule. However, before you can modify the schedule, you must have entered values in the following fields on the Info tab in SM Agreements:
  • Agreement Type
  • Customer
  • Effective Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Rate Template
  • Agreement Price
  • Revenue Recognition
Note: Amortization schedules only exist for agreements with the Recognize Revenue drop-down set to S-Amortize.

Click the following link for more information.

Edit the Amortization Schedule for an Active Agreement