About the Status Detail for a Trip

The Status Detail tab in SM Trips provides a status history for the selected trip.

As soon as you create a trip, the system sets the status to Open and provides a date and time stamp indicating when the trip was created. During the course of the trip, you can change the status as needed to track the technician's progress on the trip. Additional statuses are as follows:

  • 1-Notified

  • 2-Accepted

  • 3-Rejected

  • 4-En Route

  • 5-Arrived

  • 6-In Progress

  • 7-Completed

When you change the trip status (for example, to indicate that the technician has been notified of the work), the corresponding field on this tab will automatically default the date and time of the status change. You can change the defaulted date and/or time for any status change as needed.

You can also reduce the status of a trip as needed (i.e. change to any prior status); however, the system will clear the date/time stamp for each successive status and reset the date/time stamp for the new status. For example, if you change from a Completed status to an Arrived status, the system clears the Date and Time values for the Completed and In Progress statuses, and sets the Arrived status to the current date/time.