Set up a Trip via SM Work Orders

Once you have entered a work order, you can set up one or more trips to schedule the work.

When you set up a trip, the trip automatically defaults with an Open status. Once the technician returns from the service site, you can close the trip by setting the status to Completed. If the technician was unable to complete the work, you can set up additional trips as necessary.
Note: You are not required to schedule trips in order to capture work completed or bill a work order. They are just a means for scheduling and tracking visits to the service site. However, if you do use this feature, you must set all trips to Completed before you can close a work order. If you close a work order with open trips, the trips will be deleted.

Click the following links for instructions on setting up a trip from a work order.

  1. From the Programs menu of Service Management, double-click the SM Work Orders icon.
The SM Work Orders form displays.
  2. In the Work Order field, enter the work order for which to schedule a trip.
    Note: If the work order has not been set up, enter the necessary information and save the record. Click here for more information about entering work orders.
  3. Click on the Trips tab, and double-click a record to open the SM Trips form.
    Note: Trips can be added directly in the Trips tab grid instead of the SM Trips form if you prefer.
  4. In the Trip field, enter N, New, or + to add a new trip. The system will automatically assign the next sequential trip number.
  5. In the Assignment field, press F4 for the SM Assignment Lookup from which to select an assignment number. Press F5 to connect to SM Assignments in order to create a new assignment.
  6. In the Description field, enter a description of the trip.
  7. In the Details field, enter any information about the trip (e.g. special considerations or instructions or any other pertinent information).
  8. The Status field defaults to Open. You will typically not need to change this status for new trips. However, if needed, you change the status to any of the following: 1-Notified, 2-Accepted, 3-Rejected, 4-En Route, 5-Arrived, 6-In Progress, or 7-Completed. See the F1 help for more information about these options.
  9. Determine the duration of the trip.
    • If this is a multi-day trip:
      1. Select the Multi-Day Trip check box.
      2. In the Scheduled Date field, enter the date work is scheduled to start at the service site.
      3. In the Scheduled End Date field, enter the date work is scheduled to end at the service site.
    • If this trip is one day or less:
      1. Leave the Multi-Day Trip check box unselected.
      2. In the Scheduled Date field, enter the date work is scheduled to be performed at the service site.
      3. In the Scheduled Start Time field, enter the time work is scheduled to begin.
      4. In the Estimated Duration field, enter the amount of time estimated to complete the service work.
  10. In the Technician field, enter the technician assigned to perform the service work. Press F4 for a list of valid technicians for this SM company.
  11. Use the Notes field to enter any additional information about this trip.
  12. Save the record.