About PO Item Distribution

The PO Item Distribution feature in the Purchase Order module (PO) allows you to distribute the costs for a PO item to an SM work order, even if the PO item itself is posted to a job, inventory, miscellaneous expenses, equipment, or EM work order.

Purchase orders that include distributions to an SM work order display on the Purchase Orders tab for the specified work order in SM Work Orders. You can open these POs like any other PO; however, if the associated PO item is not an SM Work Order type (line type 6-SM Work Order), you will not see any item detail.

Note: When you add a PO item for an SM work order, the system automatically creates a single distribution line and generates a work completed purchase line on the Work Completed tab. If you further distribute the PO item to additional lines (in PO Item Distribution), the system generates a work completed purchase line for each additional distribution line and adjusts the values of the work completed purchase line associated with the original distribution line (#1) accordingly.

For more information distributing costs for a PO item, see PO Item Distribution.