SM Purchase Order Entry Form

Use the SM Purchase Order Entry form to enter purchase orders for an SM work order.

You can access the SM Purchase Order Entry form by clicking the Create PO button in SM Work Orders.

Note: The Create PO button is enabled only if work order has not been closed or canceled.

When you need to purchase materials for a work order, using this form allows you to get a purchase order in the system with minimal information, and without leaving the work order. Information not initially entered on the PO can be entered later when more details about the purchase are available.

Once you finish entering a purchase order and save the record, the system automatically creates a PO entry batch. If you assigned a vendor to the purchase order, the system posts the batch and generates a work completed purchase line (in SM Work Orders, Work Completed tab). If you did not assign a vendor, the batch remains open and flagged with a status of 'Reserved'. You can access the purchase order in either SM Purchase Order Entry or PO Purchase Order Entry for editing. The work completed purchase line will not be generated until you assign a vendor and post the batch.

Note: If you did not assign a rate template to the work order scope specified for the PO Item you can still save the work order; however, you must assign a rate template in order to invoice the purchase order (in AP Transaction Entry).
You can edit purchase orders (either using this form or PO Purchase Order Entry), as long as you have not received or invoiced the PO. All changes are updated to the related work completed purchase line. Once you receive or invoice the purchase order, only the Description, Units, Req Date, Pay Category, and Pay Type fields may be modified.
Note: If you selected the Receiving check box for a PO item, you can receive the PO using PO Receipts Entry. If you did not select the Receiving check box, the system will auto-receive the PO during invoicing in AP Transaction Entry.

You can see cost information for each purchase order item using the Cost tab; however, values are not populated until you close and reopen the form. Once you receive a purchase order item (via PO Receipts Entry, PO Initialize Receipts, or AP Transaction Entry), the system updates the received, back ordered, invoiced, and remaining values accordingly.

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