Set up Override Rates for Non-Material Purchases

You can override the standard markup rate for non-material purchases defined on a rate template by rate break point and/or by cost type.

When you capture non-material purchases on work completed purchase lines (in SM Purchase Order Entry or PO Purchase Order) or work completed miscellaneous lines (in SM Work Orders or AP Transaction Entry), the system determines the markup rates to use based on the overrides defined for non-material purchases on the work order scope's assigned rate template.

You can set up override markup rates for non-material purchases at the rate template, effective date, customer, and service site levels, as well as at the work order quote scope level. The system uses a specific hierarchy to determine the rate to use. For more information, see Non-Material Purchases Rate Hierarchy.

  1. Depending on the level at which you want to set up markup rate overrides, do one of the following:
    • Rate Template - Open SM Rate Templates and select the rate template to work with.
    • Effective Date - Open SM Rate Template, select the rate template, and then on the Effective Dates tab, double-click in the grid to open the SM Rate Template Effect Dates form.
    • Customer - Open SM Customers, select the customer, and click the Override Rates button to open the SM Rate Override Base form.
    • Service Site - Open SM Service Sites, select the service site, and click the Override Rates button to open the SM Rate Override Base form.
  2. In the Non-Material Purchases section of the selected form, click the Advanced button.
    The SM Advanced Non-Material form displays.
  3. On the Rate Break Points tab, in the Break Point field, enter the total dollar amount to use as the first break point when calculating markups for non-material purchases.
  4. In the Percent field, enter the percent to use when calculating markups for non-material purchases on an SM work order.
  5. Save the record.
  6. Add additional break points as needed.
  7. If you want to set up override markup rates by cost type, select the Cost Type Overrides tab and do the following:
    1. In the Seq field, enter N or + to add a new line.
    2. In the Cost Type field, enter a cost type for non-material purchases or press F4 to select from a list of valid SM Cost Types.
    3. In the Markup Percent field, enter the override markup percent (e.g. enter 5% as 5.00000) for the specified cost type.
    4. Save the record.
    5. Add additional cost types as needed.
  8. If you want to set up cost type override rates by break point:
    1. Select the Cost Types tab and double-click in the grid.
      The SM Adv. Non-Material Overrides form displays.
    2. Click on the Rate Break Points tab.
    3. Use the Break Point and Percent fields to enter override break point markup rates (as described in Steps 3-5).