Set up Override Rates by Cost Type for Non-Material Purchases

You can enter override markup rates by cost type for non-material purchases using the SM Adv Non-Material Overrides form.

  1. Open the SM Adv Non-Material Overrides form. You can do this by clicking the Advanced button in the Non-Material Purchases section of any of the following forms (depending on where you are setting up rate overrides):
    • SM Rate Template
    • SM Rate Template Effect Dates
    • SM Rate Override Base
  2. In the Seq field, enter + to add a new sequence.
  3. In the Cost Type field, enter the cost type for which to set up a non-material override markup rate or press F4 to select from a list of SM cost types.
  4. In the Markup Percent field, enter the override markup percent (e.g. enter 5% as 5.00000) to use for non-material purchases.
  5. Click Save.
Saved entries will override entries in SM Rate Templates.