Assign Contacts to a Service Site

You can assign contacts to a service site using the Contacts tab in SM Service Sites.

For customer service sites, you can assign contacts already defined for the customer (in SM Customers) or any contact set up in HQ Contacts. For job service sites, you can only assign HQ contacts.

Once you add a contact, the system automatically displays the contact's name and info (phone, cell, fax, and email address); however, this information is display only and cannot be edited here. If changes are needed, you must do so in HQ Contacts.

Note: If you are using SM Service Site with Vista Field Service, you can select the contact to receive Trip Closeout email notifications when a trip is closed in the app. Check the Include Trip Close Email box on the Contacts tab for the contact you wish to receive the notification. For more information, see Include Trip Close Email.

If you enter a Default Contact for a service site (on the Info tab) and that contact is not already associated with the service site, the system displays a message giving you the option to add them. If you select Yes, the contact is added to the Contacts tab with the Default Contact check box selected. You cannot clear the check box in the grid; however, you can change the Default Contact on the Info tab and the system automatically updates the Contacts grid with the new contact. The previous Default Contact remains as a contact for the service site unless you manually delete them.

To assign a contact to a service site:

  1. Open SM Service Sites.
  2. In the Service Site field, enter the service site for which to add contacts or press F4 to select from a list of valid service sites.
  3. Click on the Contacts tab.
  4. In the Contact Seq field, press F4 and select the contact sequence to add.
  5. Save the record.