Convert a Job Site to a Customer Site

You can convert an existing job service site to a customer service site using the SM Service Sites form.

Once you convert a job site to a customer site, the job-related fields are hidden and customer-related fields are displayed; however, the system retains the job information so that it is available should you wish to revert the customer site back to a job site.

To convert a job service site to a customer service site:

  1. In SM Service Sites, select the job service site to convert.
  2. In the toolbar, click Tasks > Convert to Customer Site.
    The SM Convert Site form displays.
  3. In the Customer field, accept the defaulted customer (customer assigned to the job) or enter a new customer for the service site.
  4. Click Convert.

The system converts the job site to a customer site for the specified customer. You can then enter customer-related information as needed. For more information, see Set Up a Customer Service Site.