About Craft Templates

If you have different craft/class requirements based on the type of services performed by technicians for a service site, you can use craft templates to determine technician pay rates.

Craft templates are set up in the Payroll module and allow you to override selected craft information, such as reciprocal agreement settings, add-on earnings, and/or deductions and liabilities. The system uses the craft template to determine pay rates, add-on earnings, and deductions and liabilities for employees.

You can assign a default craft template to each customer service site in SM Service Sites so that each time a work order is created for that service site, it defaults the specified craft template you specified. When you enter work completed labor lines, the system sends the labor entries to PR My Timesheet, along with the craft template designation. Once you approve the timesheets and send them to a timecard batch (via PR Timesheet Send), the system uses the craft template to determine the pay rate for the technician based on the craft and class specified on the timecard.

When processing payroll for service technicians (in PR Payroll Process), the system uses the work order's craft template to apply add-on earnings, deductions, and liabilities for the payroll period.

Reciprocal Agreements

Reciprocal agreements are used when employees from one union are working on a job within the jurisdiction of another union, and control which pay rates are used, which deductions and liabilities are calculated, and to which craft they are reported.

There are two types of reciprocal agreements: Partial and Override. When entering SM-related timecards, craft and pay rate defaults are handled as follows:

  • Partial - The system defaults the employee's standard craft and calculates all earnings using the posted craft; however, deductions and liabilities will accumulate under the Job Craft specified on the craft template.

  • Override - The system defaults the Job Craft specified on the craft template rather than the employee's standard craft. The system uses the Job Craft to calculate earnings and accumulate deductions and liabilities.

For information about setting up reciprocal agreements for a craft template, see Set Up Reciprocal Agreements for Crafts.