Enable Overtime Calculations for Work Completed Labor

You can have the system calculate overtime for labor hours associated with an SM work order based on the craft template assigned to the work order in SM Work Orders.

Enabling this functionality requires the following setup:
  1. In PR Company Parameters, select the Using Automatic Overtime check box and specify the Overtime Earnings Code to use.
  2. In PR Earnings Codes, for each earnings code that you use for regular earnings:
    1. For each earnings code that you use for regular earnings, set the Factor field to 1.000000 and select the Include in OT Calculations check box.
    2. Set up additional earnings codes for overtime (for example, Overtime, Double, etc.), and set the Factor field to the appropriate factor (for example, 1.5, 2.0, etc.).
  3. In PR Overtime Schedule, set up the appropriate overtime schedules.
  4. In PR Craft Template, select the Override Overtime check box and specify the OT Schedule to use for each applicable craft on the template.
    If the craft template specifies a Job Craft, you will need to set up the job craft for Override Overtime as well.
  5. In PR Employees, set the Overtime drop-down to C-Craft for each applicable employee.
  6. In SM Service Sites, assign the appropriate craft template to each applicable customer service site.
    The craft template automatically defaults for each customer work order created for the service site.
    For job service sites, the system uses the craft template associated with the job. Therefore, make sure you assign the appropriate craft template to each applicable job in JC Jobs. Although the work order will not show the craft template, it will be used in overtime calculations for labor hours posted to the work order.
You are now set up for automatic overtime and can begin entering labor hours against work orders in SM Work Orders, PR My Timesheet, or PR Timecard Entry.
Note: Regardless of where you initially enter hours, you must post them via a PR Timecard Entry batch. You can then run PR Automatic Overtime to calculate and post overtime based on the hours posted in PR Timecard Entry. For more information about automatic overtime calculations, see Automatic Overtime Calculations.