SM Add Effective Date Form

Use the SM Add Effective Date form to add effective dates for a rate template. You can access this form by clicking the Add button on the Effective Date tab in the SM Rate Templates form.

Effective Dates allow you to override the rates defined for a rate template based on an effective date. When you add an effective date, you can copy the basic (original) rate template or an existing effective date template (unless you are adding an effective date for the first time). Once you click Add, the system copies the selected template (including the advanced rates) to the new effective date template. You can then modify the existing rates and add new ones. The system uses the source template (the one you copied) for pricing until the new template is in effect.

Note: Effective date template rates will be used when no overrides are found at the service site or customer levels. If no overrides exist at either the service site or customer level, the system will use the rate template specified on the work order scope to determine the effective date template to use.

Add a New Effective Date Template