Field Definitions: SM Advanced Non Material Overrides Form

The following is a list of field descriptions for the SM Advanced Non Material Overrides form. Many of the descriptions include links to other topics that provide additional information about or related to the topic.

Markup Percent

Markup Percent field on the SM Adv. Non-Material Overrides form.

Enter the override markup percent to apply to non-material work completed purchase lines or miscellaneous lines referencing a non-material cost type on a work order for the customer, service site, or quote. (For example, enter 5% as 5.00000.) This rate will be applied to the Cost Rate of the work completed purchase line to determine the Billable Rate.

Break Point

The Break Point field on the SM Advanced Non-Material form, Rate Break Points tab.

Enter the total dollar amount to use as a break point when calculating markups on non-material purchases for an SM work order.

When you enter a non-material work completed purchase or miscellaneous line, the system compares the line's total amount to the break points defined here to determine which markup rate to use. If the line's total amount reaches this break point amount, the system applies the markup rate specified to the right.


The Percent field on the SM Adv. Non-Material Overrides form, Rate Break Points tab.

Enter the override percent to use when applying markups to non-material work completed lines referencing the SM Cost Type (specified on the Info tab) on an SM work order (for example, enter 5% as 5.00000).

The system only applies this percentage when the total dollar amount for the work completed line reaches the break point amount specified in the Break Point field for this entry.