SM Advanced Labor Overrides Form

Use the SM Advanced Labor Overrides form to set up advanced labor rates for a rate template, customer, service site, or work order quote.

Access this form by clicking Advanced in the Labor Rates section of SM Rate Templates, SM Rate Template Effect Dates (accessed by double-clicking in the Effective Date grid in SM Rate Templates), and SM Rate Override Base (accessed by clicking Override Rates button in SM Customers or SM Service Sites).

Note: You will only need to use this form if labor rates differ by technician, craft, class, call type, and/or pay type. If you will be using the same labor rate for all work orders referencing this template, use the Rate field in SM Rate Templates (Labor Rates section) to specify that rate.

For each labor rate sequence you set up, you must specify the combination of criteria to which the labor rate applies. You can reference the same criteria on multiple sequences, as long as the same combination of criteria is not duplicated.

For example:

SeqTechnicianPRCoCraftClassCall TypePay TypeRate

When entering work completed labor lines (in SM Work Orders, Work Completed tab), the system compares the data entered on the work completed line with the criteria specified here. If an exact match is found, the specified rate is used. If an exact match is not found, the system will move to the next level of the labor rate hierarchy and repeat the process until a match is found. If no match is found, the system uses the standard labor rate defined for the rate template.

Setting up Labor Rate Overrides

Labor Rate Hierarchy