Field Definitions: SM Call Type Category Form

The following is a list of field descriptions for the SM Call Type Category form. Many of the descriptions include links to other topics that provide additional information about or related to the topic.

Call Type Color

Call Type Color field on the Info tab of the SM Call Type Category form.

The Call Type Color field allows you to select color coding for categories of call types.

You can select a call-type category's color from the Info Tab by doing the following:
  • Select Choose Color
    • The Color palette pop-up appears.
  • Select a color by doing one of the following:
    • Select a color from the list of basic colors.
    • Add a custom color by using the sampler and slider tools and then select Add to Custom Colors.
    • Enter specific color coding into either the Hue, Sat, Lum or Red, Green, and Blue fields, and select Add to Custom Colors.
  • Click OK once you have selected an appropriate color for your call-type category. This closes the Color pop-up.
    Note: Call-type categories colors can be edited by selecting Choose Color and selecting a color other than it currently has. You can also select Restore Default to return the call type category's color to its default color.