SM Customer and Site Attch Types Form

Use the SM Customer and Site Attch Types form to specify the types of attachments to include when delivering work order invoices to a customer or service site.

Access this form by clicking Include Attachments in the SM Customer or SM Service Sites forms.

You can assign as many attachment types as needed to a customer and/or service site. In addition to the attachment types that are associated with work orders (such as copies of work orders, site pictures, etc.), you can also specify to include attachments from other related records. The Attch Source field allows you to indicate what attachments from related records to include in emails. For example, you may have an AP Invoice attached to the agreement associated with a work order. In this case, you would set up an Attch Type ID of 4 (AP Invoice) and then set the Attch Source to G - Agreement.

When you deliver work order invoices to a customer or service site (via SM Invoice Review), the system includes all attachments that match the attachment types/sources specific to that customer or service site.

Note: Once you set up your attachment type IDs, a message displays to the right of the Include Attachments button indicating attachments are included.
For more information about this form, click the link below.

Assign Attachment Types to a Customer / Service Site