SM Departments Form

Use the SM Departments form to set up departments and define the General Ledger accounts to which costs and revenue should be posted when capturing and billing work completed on a work order.

You can set up as many departments as needed based on your company’s accounting needs; however, if all costs and revenue are posted to a single set of GL accounts, then you need only set up one department.

Once you set up all applicable departments, you must assign them to your service centers (in SM Service Centers). This enables the system to determine where to post revenue and costs for service work performed by that service center. If you require a further breakdown of GL accounting based on division of work, you can assign "alternate" departments to applicable divisions for a service center in SM Divisions.

Set Up an SM Department

Set up Override Cost & Revenue GL Accounts

Set up Burden Rates

Set up Override Offset Accounts for Standard Items

Set up Override Offset Accounts by Cost Type