SM Frequency Setup Form

Use the SM Frequency Setup form to set up frequency codes for use with agreement task scheduling.

Frequency codes identify how often agreement services are performed. Some examples are:

  • Summer

  • Winter

  • Quarterly

  • Monthly

  • Annually

Once you set up frequencies, you will assign them to agreement services in SM Service (Schedule tab) that are using the Task Scheduled recurring pattern option.

You will also assign frequency codes to maintenance items defined for a serviceable item class (in SM Class Maintenance) to identify the frequency at which maintenance should be performed on any equipment associated with the class and/or class type.

Note: Frequency codes are informational only; they are not used to define the actual work schedule, nor will they be used to generate service dates. However, they are displayed in SM Agreement Task Schedule and can be used as a reference when scheduling tasks.

Set Up a Frequency Code