SM Serviceable Item Class Form

Use the SM Serviceable Item Class form to set up serviceable item (equipment) classifications.

Classifications are used to define the categories/classes of serviceable items that are maintained at each of your service sites, along with the different types of equipment within each category. This allows for productivity and profitability reporting of your serviceable items by class and/or type.

You can set up as many classifications as necessary; however, you must set up a minimum of one serviceable item class with one classification type. The following is an example of how you might set up serviceable item classes and types.



Heating Equip


Unit Heaters


Heat Pumps

Cooling Equip


Cooling Towers

Air Distributn


Exhaust Fans

Fire Dampers

Once you have completed setting up serviceable item classes, you can assign them to the serviceable items defined for service sites in SM Service Sites (Serviceable Items tab).

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