SM Serviceable Items Form

Use the SM Serviceable Items form to set up serviceable items for a service site; that is, equipment or other items that you need to maintain (for example, air conditioning units, furnaces, air ducts, and so forth).

Access this form by double-clicking the Serviceable Items grid in SM Service Sites.

Note: You can also set up serviceable items directly in the Serviceable Items grid in SM Service Sites.

For each serviceable item you set up, you must assign the class and type. Classes and types are defined in SM Serviceable Item Class and identify the different categories or types of serviceable items maintained at each of your service sites. The class and type assigned here will allow for productivity and profitability reporting of your serviceable items.

You can also create a list of replaceable parts for serviceable items (e.g. filters, hoses, belts, etc.) using the Parts tab. Although the data entered on this tab is informational only, it may be used by technicians to identify the parts that may be needed for repairs or maintenance work.

Once you set up serviceable items, you can assign them to work orders to identify the equipment that is being serviced. If a serviceable item is referenced on a work order (either on the work order scope or on the scope's task list), the associated work order will display on the Work Orders tab.

Additionally, if you have set up class maintenance for the class/type associated with a serviceable item (in SM Class Maintenance), the Agreements tab will display agreement services that were generated from the serviceable item's class maintenance tasks, along with their average and override man hours. Although you cannot edit the average man hours, you can use the Man Hours field to override the man hours as needed.

Click the following link for more information about using this form.

Set Up Serviceable Items