SM Standard Charges Form

Use the SM Standard Charges form to set up standard charges by customer and/or service site.

Access this form by clicking Std Charges in SM Customers or SM Service Sites.

Standard charges are standard items (defined in SM Standard Items) that you always charge a customer and/or service site when performing service work or small jobs (e.g. travel fees, waste disposal, etc.). When you create a work order for the customer/service site, the system will automatically add the standard items to the work order as miscellaneous work completed lines with a status of "Provisional". The system will update the status to "New" once you process the work completed lines in SM Batches.

If you are using agreements, you can have the system auto-add standard items to work orders generated from agreements (in SM Generate PM Work Orders) by selecting the Apply Standard Charges to Agreement Work Orders check box in SM Company Parameters. If you do not select this check box, you can still add standard charges to an agreement work order manually.

Click the following link for more information about using this form.

Set Up Standard Charges for a Customer or Service Site