SM Standard Tasks Form

Use the SM Standard Tasks form to set up standard tasks that you perform when handling service calls.

Standard tasks are typically tasks that are specific to certain types of service calls, as well as those that apply to all service calls. For each task, you can define the associated material, equipment, labor, and miscellaneous requirements.

Once defined here, you can assign standard tasks to agreement services and work order quotes. Then, when you generate a work order from the agreement or work order quote, the system will automatically add the material, equipment, and labor requirements defined for the task to their corresponding tabs on the work order. Miscellaneous requirements defined for a task will automatically generate a miscellaneous work completed line on the work order.

Note: You can also add standard tasks directly to a work order scope in SM Work Orders. The system will add the defined material, labor, and/or equipment requirements, and generate miscellaneous work completed lines for defined miscellaneous requirements.

Click the following link for more information about standard tasks.

Set Up a Standard Task